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First Line Meme...

Stolen from angriest 

Post the name and first line of any writing you have done (or are WIP)... (remember people I am a fanfic writer here... don't get too excited)

West Wing Fics

Josh closed his eyes and attempted to brace his throbbing head in his hands.

The First of Every Month
February 1st... The room felt… weird. He had been in it a million times before, and he had been coming into it every day for the last twelve days.

The Green Card

He looked down at his watch as he threw the car keys onto the side board.

Don't Pay the Ferryman (WIP)
“Do you really have to go?”  he whined as she packed up her desk for the day.

Coming in From the Cold
Josh found her alone at the back of the hotel lounge bar with a drink of carnival proportions sitting in front of her.

Next Time Round
Leo spotted Josh sat in the carver chair by the window of the hotel suite doubling as the Santos/McGarry War Room.  Whatever was on the paper in his hands it was clear that Josh wasn’t paying any attention to it.  Instead he sat staring out over the Philadelphia skyline, his eyes distant – where ever his head was at, it wasn’t with the rest of him in Philly.

The elevator was taking forever…

It was 5pm on Wednesday afternoon and Josh was finally ready for bed.  Not that it was his idea really… he was only doing it to get Lou and Donna off his back.

Josh turned away from the Whitehouse and was making his way back towards the OEOB.

It had been a truly wonderful day so far. Josh put the picnic basket down on a grassy patch between two towering oak trees as Donna flicked out the blanket and sat down.

Buffy Fics

Passing Ships - WIP

Rupert Giles was burning the midnight oil... Again!

Sunnydale Salem - WIP

“Oh really!  This is too much!” Rupert Giles exclaimed as he walked into the library, there laid out on his desk before him was a puritan type costume with WEAR ME – OR ELSE written on a sheet of paper beside it.

Accusations - WIP
It was a picture of perfect serenity.

Other Randoms

Enough Rope - The 10th Kingdom (WIP)

Virginia Lewis-Wolfson looked lovingly down at the snuggling bundle lying beside her.

Descendants - Forever Knight - (WIP)
The alarm buzzed like a distraught bee on the table beside Nicks bed.

The Secret - Hercules (WIP)
“This can not be happening!” Autolycus muttered as he rattled the very sturdy bars of the cage surrounding him.  Caught!  By the oldest trick in the book!  He was the King of Thieves!  He shouldn’t be in this position… it was… well… embarrassing!

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