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It's been a while...

I haven't really had reason to come to LJ for a bit, not for my own purposes anyway.

Live wanders on as it does, I have moved within my department into what they call Customer Service and Solutions - fancy name for Call Centre.

The move was a bit of a trauma for some because they were made to go owing to a reshuffle. I decided to be the captain of my own destiny as it were and made the jump feet first. For me - not so much an issue, I have been CC'd before on a couple of times and to be perfectly honest, answering calls and makes the day go faster - Accounts was boring my arse off!

I've had a pretty eye opening few months with a couple of big decisions coming my way overall and my life is a bit better for it. Not big things - more along the lines of living a life that make ME feel good. Steering away (as best I can - I still have a couple of hurdles in internet forum circles) from the shit that used to drag me down before. Reading, watching, listening to only that which makes me feel better as a person :D

What that includes some people might think is a bit naff but honest - too bloody bad... if I can go to bed at night, knowing I have had a bloody good laugh during the day, well I feel better about me!

It's not all successful just yet because I can still get arced up pretty easily, but I am learning...

My obsessive personality still lurks and the "Wildish Woman" inside is coming to terms with having a bit of control once in a while - there are truly days when all you want to do is howl at the moon occasionally, and that's just FINE! :D

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