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David Eddings dies age 77

It's not surprising... but he will still be missed... somewhere Cthrag Yaska glows a muted blue!


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I have come to the startling realisation overnight that if I monumentally screw up this time round in life, Karma's ultimate revenge is going to be sending me back next time round as a DVD player!

Strange sentiment yes...but after spending the night in the St John of God's sleep study unit I think I am entitled to a little gripe.

Let me explain... you arrive at the unit at 9pm to fill in the forms.  About 45 minutes later you are taken through to a private room and advised to put on your PJ's, go to the loo, etc...

When you come out, you have your standard hospital bed that has about 50 leads laid out in various clusters over the bed...  The young attendant asks you to take a seat in a chair so she can start sticking all manner of electrodes and nobbly things over your face and body...

First she measures your head and marks spots in your hair with a red crayon... Bald men a loved at this point by the staff BTW... from there she sticks this white gloop that is somewhere between surfers wax and toothpaste into your hair and attaches the EEG leads to it.  The then pull out a skin scrub that feels like it has been made with a combination gravel and ajax and abrrade various parts of your face and chest for the electrodes to be attached to.  After about another half hour and countless other leads you look something like this...

Seriously... not kidding... her expression... pretty much the same as mine right now!  The reason the rogue Telepaths on Babylon 5 were so pissed, wasn't because they were going to be part of the Shadow fleet, it was because they had been doing a frickin sleep study the night before!!!!

So... now you look like the arse end of hi fi system, and they expect you to sleep as normally as possible!

1.  I sleep in a queen size bed with lots of room to move.
2.  I generally sleep on my side tossing and turning through the night
3.  I don't have a frickin infra red camera pointed at me when I am alseep!
4.  I generally don't have to call somene to unplug me so that I can go to the loo if I need in the middle of the night!

Sleeping normally was the furtherest thing from my mind... sleeping at all was going to be good!

I think I slept a total of about 4 hours, 11-1 and 3.30-5.30.  When the early bird nature call called, duly pressed the buzzer and was told it was about 5.30am... This was my out!  "Oh this is my normal waking time" (which it is).... "Do you want to back to sleep"  (Hell yes... but in my own bloody bed thank you!) "Nhah... I'm good - you can disconnect me. "Sure you don't want a shower"  Nope... I will have one at home...

I could not have been out of there faster!  I am now going to grab that shower, and probably go to bed... for real!

The long and the short of it... I am going to be nicer to my electronics from now on... I never knew they had it so bad!

The Thousandth Man...

I came across the poem while looking for something else... It's by the great Rudyard Kipling.

I remember reading his Riki Tiki Tavi when i was a child, but I have never really looked further than that... and I am pretty sure now it is to my detriment.  Poetry is not something I have ever really been overly fond of... most times because I was just reading as opposed to 'experiencing' it... but this one - quite simply it has me in tears.  I can't help it... there is something so fundementally RIGHT about this poem... something so deep, so identifiable to me that it's grabbed me where I live...  So if you haven't seen it before...


It's always nice to find that a view you have is shared by someone you like/admire... if nothing else it helps you like yourself.... the view maybe crap to someone else, but if you're being true to yourself then it makes it worthwhile.  Nothing special, but I just learned that someone else truly believes in 'wuff' music... music that grabs you by the stomach and just hurtles your emotions up into your throat... I think the term used was "art aspires to the condition of music"  all art can move, but music is the only form that can do it instantly and irrevocably!  I am moved to tears more often in theatre/film/TV by the music than the words/actions... (not strictly true because I am not a huge opera fan) but a good soundtrack and I am off with fairies!

This weekend has been good, went to the craft fair and picked up some doll making stuff.  I need to get onto Nada's work tomorrow for the end of the month.  I got measured by Luke on Wednesday for something he is going to make me.  I want to ask him how to weave leather too.

I have seen a couple of items I want to buy from Holy Clothing - I am looking forward to next year to getting some stuff in to sell at the conference.  it should be good.  I have seen some amazing material at Spotlight I am going to put on layby for a coat... must remember to do that monday!

For the first time this week I am going to bed before midnight... something I am looking forward to!

Oh dear...

Meethinks there might be tears before bed time tonight... Just read something that is going to have a couple of people chewing the carpet tonight!

Part of me wants to warn them.... part of me wants to sit back and watch the fun :D
With my recent Herc bender (and subsequent falling back in *love* with a particularly hot diminutive New Zealand thespian), I have started to notice a rather strong correlation between the characters of Josh from West Wing and Iolaus... okay, yes the shows are chalk and cheese, and I have no doubt that it's in no uncertain terms the quality of the actor playing the roles that has a strong impact.  But there is something fundementally primal about both the characters (and from what I read - the actors) that just really appeals to me.

It is interesting to note that off all the fandoms I have seen, all the characters I have liked... only these two do I feel in anyway connected to turn my hand a writing fiction about.  While other characters appeal to me, none really catch my creative attention like these two.

Both characters have been created to be a bit impulsive, hot headed, trustworthy, honorable, energetic, impetious, resilient, loyal, caring, loving to a fault.

The characters dedication to their 'family' is paramount and unshakeable even when they are acting like fools or don't see eye to eye with them.

They are what I call "Woof" characters.  They inspire a spark of emotion/energy/fire deep in the core of my own being watching them.  And while the real me is completely aware of these are only characters in a play, still at my most primal level it seems so much more.  Is it simply the creation of a good character that brings this out... or more likely is it the spark of life that the actor breathes into the character.

It's all about the boundless engery that one person can have.  The more I travel down my chosen road, the more I am learning to appreciate that energy in myself... learning to understand my most reptilian of feelings and emotions.  In learning these, I hope to master them.


What a girl wants....

It's interesting... I have been having a pretty in depth look at what I classify as attractive in a man recently.

This is a follow up to an experiment I did a few years ago.  I remember I was waiting for some friends to go and see a movie marathon with, and while I waited for them to turn up I studied every man who passed me, regardless of age - and just thought, does he have "it".  Is there something about him that I *liked*.

The result... well I know what attracts me at some level to a guy... facially anyway.  There are certain key structures in a mans features that I find attractive.  It's very hard to put my finger on it, but I know it when i see it...

But recently i have been looking at it a little further, and I have come to the conclusion that I am not a sterotypical beefcake girl.

As much as I appreciate a good looking guy as much as the next girl.  They aren't the ones I would be taking home to meet the folks so to speak.  I looked at my previous post with the meme and it became clearer to me.  My tastes run to the left field a bit...

Build and brawn don't really do it for me.  Usually in films and TV I am more interested in the 'sidekick' character than the hero.  Give me Giles, Iolaus, Marcus, Wash, Josh, Hodgins over their beefier counterparts...

Now please excuse me... I feel an indulgance of sidekick proportions coming on!

Fav Character Meme

Stolen from katiegsr ...

name twenty shows/movies you like and see how many of your friends can guess your favourite characters...  Screen all comments to see who gets it right...

(why do I see myself being completely transparent here!)

1 West Wing - Josh - krystle_ab 
2 MASH - Hawkeye - krystle_ab 
3 Buffy
4 Farscape
6 Bones
7 Hercules
8 Due South
9 Studio 60 - Danny - krystle_ab 
10 Firefly
11 Babylon 5
12 Stargate
13 How to steal a million
14 Red Dwarf
15 10th Kingdom
16 Press Gang
17 Harry Potter
18 Touched By an Angel
19 The Bill
20 Sharpe


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